Greyline 5.1 Doppler Flowmeter
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    Non-contact flow metering for dirty water
    Easy to install and set up, with a single clamp-on sensor

    Item: 10114
    Weight: 10.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $1,975.00 

    This meter does not make contact with the moving fluid and does not require any pipe cutting or drilling. It measures flow by reflecting an acoustic signal back to the sensor from particles or gas bubbles in the fluid. Installation is easy—just mount the strap-on sensor on the outside of any plastic or metal pipe 1/2" or larger. It only takes a few minutes to install, and there’s no need to shut down your flow system.

    This menu-driven flowmeter is easy to operate—five-button programming gets you up and running quickly. The meter features a large digital flow rate display with totalizer that measures flow in either direction, and displays positive or negative values. Control the totalizer to subtract reverse flow, or to totalize forward flow only. You can even select English, Spanish or French directions.

    Ultrasonic signals are transmitted and received from the included singlehead sensor. The included mounting clamp ensures correct sensor alignment on horizontal or vertical pipes. The DFM 5.0 automatically self-tunes to a cable length up to 500 feet.

    Use the isolated 4-20 mA output signal to transmit flow data to remote displays, recorders or controllers. Use the two programmable relays for flow control, pump protection or flow proportional pulse. The flowmeter can measure reverse flow—a minus sign appears on the display during reverse flow conditions. The 4-20 mA signal, relays and totalizer are also configurable for reverse flow. Noise suppression circuitry filters “dirty” power and electrical interference from most VFDs. Terminals are easily removable for electrical connections.

    Choose from standard or datalogging units. Datalogging units log up to 2,000,000 data points that you can output via the USB port to a flash or thumb drive in the field. Datalogging units are independent of calibration units.

    Includes: strap-on ultrasonic sensor, adjustable SS mounting clamp and sensor coupling compound. An intrinsically safe ultrasonic sensor is available as special order. Contact USABlueBook for more information.

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        Accuracy: plus or minus 2% of full scale
        Velocity range: 0.25 to 40 ft/sec
        Pipe size: 1/2 to 180"
        Display: white backlit 128 x 64 pixels
        Output/communication: isolated 4-20 mA