2 Knife Gate Valve Wafer EPDM Seats Cast Iron Body
    Choose from cast-iron wafer-style valves or SS lug-style valves
    SS wetted parts in all models for exceptional corrosion resistance
    Choose from metal or resilient seats

    Item: 31692
    Weight: 23.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $464.95 

    Our handwheel-operated knife gate valves handle a wide variety of fluids in wastewater treatment plants, including sewage, grit and sludge. These wafer- and lug-style valves are commonly used as isolation valves, and can fit into very tight spaces due to their very short face-to-face dimensions.

    Choose resilient seat models for zero leakage, or metal seat models for leakage of about 40cc/minute/inch of valve diameter. Wafer-style valves have a cast-iron body and SS gate; lug-style valves have a SS body and gate.

    Actuated valves are available as special order. Please contact USABlueBook for details.

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