Thompson Trash Pump 4 inch Series HTC
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    Pump liquids with sand, mud and solids up to 3" dia!
    Automatic dry priming to 28 feet
    Positive suction head capability

    Item: 24552
    Weight: 1000.0 lbs

    Thompson compressor-assisted dry-prime pumps are engineered to provide consistent, dependable service in difficult jobs. Use them in a wide variety of applications, including open pumping and sewage bypass pumping where moderate air handling is required.

    Thompson’s exclusive Enviroprime dry-priming system works with the air compressor to separate air from water moving through the pump. This keeps the pump’s venturi from clogging and causing a shutdown. This environmentally-friendly system prevents blow-by, such as sewage and waste, from discharging on the ground. It works automatically, evacuating the air from the suction line during startup, as well as any gases introduced into the suction line during the pumping process.

    These pumps are specifically designed to maintain constant sump levels during "snore" conditions. When the water levels drop below the suction strainer during "snore" conditions, these pumps continue to pump without losing prime.

    Includes: integral fuel tank with cleanouts, engine safety shutoff system (low oil pressure and high head temperature), tachometer, hour meter, vacuum gauge, battery, suction strainer, NPT(M) discharge elbow and NPT(M) suction nipple.

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