Snakepit Concrete/Driveway Tracer Box, green cover
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    Magnetized cover for easier locating
    Resistant to corrosion and oxidization
    Direct connection to the color-coded locking cover

    Item: 31077
    Weight: 3.5 lbs
    Catalog Price: $49.95 

    Snakepit tracing wire access boxes feature an exclusive encapsulated magnet system to make locating access boxes easier than ever. Their magnified ferromagnetic signal provides a clearer signal than standard boxes offer—hear the difference for yourself!

    Snakepit access boxes use a brass wire lug and a wax pad to cover wire connections after installation, which prevents corrosion and oxidization of wires. The brass lug lets you hook up to the inner wires without removing the cap for quick, easy location. Locking lids feature cast-iron construction and are color coded to meet American Public Works Association (APWA) standards for utility box identification.

    Concrete/driveway boxes are for driveway use, and include a 6" top flange.

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        Description: concrete/driveway
        Color: green (sewer)
        Length: 14.5"