Seametrics Magnetic Flowmeter, 1/2" NPT(M)
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    Designed specifically for chemical feed applications
    Can monitor pulsating flow from metering pumps
    No moving parts—low maintenance and cost-effective

    Item: 13637
    Weight: 3.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $946.00 

    This magnetic flowmeter measures low-flow chemical injections and difficult applications with pulsating metering pumps. Since it has no moving parts, fluids of varying viscosity and density pass through without clogging or jamming the meter. Maintenance is rarely required. The meter has no metallic parts, making it corrosion-resistant and compatible with a wide range of chemicals.

    Compact enough to fit most pump/injection systems, these flowmeters require zero straight pipe after an elbow, so they easily mount in tight spaces. The included mounting bracket adds stability.

    To display flow rate and total, use this flowmeter with a Seametrics FT420 display/monitor (stock # 11688; sold separately). The required cable/connector is included with the flowmeter.

    Includes: cable/connector and mounting bracket. Order optional 12 VDC power supply separately.

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    Performance Specifications
    Product Manual


        Mfr #: PE102
        Flow range: 0.20 to 20 gpm; Accuracy: +/- 1%, +/- 0.005 gpm across rated range
        Max pressure: 150 psi
        Empty pipe detection: conductivity-based; Conductivity: >20 µS
        Wetted materials: carbon fiber and PVDF with PVDF/Viton®