NEW Hach DR 900 Multiparameter Colorimeter!
Hach’s new DR 900 replaces & improves upon the popular DR 800 series—compatible with all DR 800 test kits!
Hach DR 900 Multiparameter Colorimeters
•  Test up to 90 different parameters with one instrument
•  Store your favorite methods—less than 4 clicks to access
•  Rugged and waterproof
These colorimeters combine ease of use with advanced analysis and field readiness. Choose from 90 popular preprogrammed procedures that automatically select the appropriate wavelength and run time for the test. Step-by-step prompts guide you through each testing procedure. Results can be displayed in concentration, % absorbance or % transmittance.
For many methods, you can display alternate chemical forms at the push of a button. Generate up to 10 customized test procedures using as many as 12 calibration points each, and store the procedures for repeated use. Store programs for the tests you use most frequently in Favorites for quick retrieval.
Save and store up to 500 readings manually or automatically. Data includes time/date stamp, sample description and operator ID for recall or downloading to your PC. Moving data to your computer is as easy as connecting the instrument via the USB cable and copy/pasting the file.
The DR 900 is specifically designed for on-site testing, and features a rugged waterproof (IP67) housing. Runs on four AA batteries that typically last 6 months.
Includes: USB cable, two glass sample cells (1" marked at 10-, 20- and 25-mL), two sample cells (1 cm /10 mL), sample cell adapter, instruction and procedure manuals, and four AA batteries. 1-year warranty. Test kits are not included; order separately.
NEW Hach DR 900 Multiparameter Colorimeter!
9385100 DR 900 Colorimeter 37835 $ 1,240.00
4942500 Hard Carrying Case 44532 $ 75.00
2722000 Soft Carrying Case 77249 116.00
2763900 Absorbance Check Standards 77250 160.00
4864302 Replacement Sample Cells 1 cm/10 mL, Pack of 2 32126 14.39
2401906 Replacement Sample Cells (10, 20, 25 mL Markings), Pack of 6 44530 40.35
4846400 Replacement COD/Test ‘N Tube Adapter 44531 21.19
LZV818 Replacement USB Cable 37836 19.95
9386400 Replacement Battery Cover 37837 20.25
9386300 Replacement Cap 37838 19.50
Replacement AA Batteries, Pack of 8 63187 11.49
Wavelengths: 420, 520, 560, 610 nm
Wavelength accuracy: 1 nm
Wavelength selection: automatic
Photometric range: 1 to 2 A
Photometric accuracy: 0.005 A
Light source: LED
Detector: Silicon photodiode
Display: graphic LCD shows results, parameter name, method number, sample ID (if entered) user ID (if entered), time and date
Data logging: 500 sample readings
Output: USB
Power: 4 AA batteries
Battery life: approximately 6 months
Dimensions: 9.3"L x 3.4"W x 1.9"H