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Ridgid Cable C-1 5/16" x 25' with Bulb Auger
Ridgid® Cable, 5/16" x 25’ w/ bulb auger, C-1
Base Item:117144
Catalog Price: $49.95 

Ridgid Cable C-2 5/16" x 25' with Drop Head Auger
Ridgid® Cable, 5/16" x 25’ w/ drop head auger, C-2
Base Item:117145
Catalog Price: $60.95 

Cable, C21
Ridgid® Cable, 5/16" x 50’ w/ bulb auger, C-21
Base Item:120395
Catalog Price: $89.49 

Cable, C22
Ridgid® Cable, 5/16" x 50’, w/ drop head auger, C-22
Base Item:120396
Catalog Price: $97.49 

Ridgid Cable C-8 5/8" x 7-1/2" with Quick Coupler
Ridgid® Cable, 5/8" x 7-1/2’ sectional, C-8
Base Item:117150
Catalog Price: $31.29 

10' Proflex Section 'G' Connectors
Sectional Cable, 1-1/4", for Model ’E’ Rodrunner Sectional Machine
Base Item:33176
Catalog Price: $62.95 

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