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Stock #DescriptionStandard
Grundfos® Pumps
350652DDE XL Series 379 GPD, 145 PSI, PVC/EPDM5,627.003,338.5041%
14745DMS Pump, 25.2 GPD, 101.5 PSI, PVDF944.37609.8435%
Jesco Pumps
85837MEMDOS SMART LB10 Stepper Motor-Driven Metering Pump, 68.5 GPD, 145 PSI, 0101M0100V012ADV1A1,193.63862.0727%
LMI Pumps
50794C1 Pump w/ LiquiPro™ Head, 60 GPD, 150 PSI, C111-362SI2,067.001,102.4046%
85713Roytronic® EXCEL™ XR Pump, 336 GPD, 75 PSI, XRD131-A44ACA7T13,791.002,021.8746%
48845Roytronic® EXCEL™ AD2 Pump for Polymers, 0.5 GPH, 150 PSI, AD241-626VI1,388.00740.2746%
48843BOPEN BOX ITEM: Roytronic® EXCEL™ Series AD2 Pump for Polymers, 12 GPD, 250 PSI, AD241-624VI1,391.00*741.8746%
48857Roytronic® EXCEL™ AD8 Pump for Polymers, 0.5 GPH, 250 PSI, AD841-624VI1,690.00901.3346%
31446Roytronic® EXCEL™ AD9 Pump w/ AutoPrime™ Head, 43 GPD, 50 PSI, AD961-A48HI2,148.001,145.6046%
Milton Roy Pumps
10619MacRoy® Series D Pump w/ 4-20 mA SS, 72 GPD, 150 PSI5,715.003,907.2132%
10611MacRoy® Series D Pump w/ 4-20 mA PVC, 72 GPD, 150 PSI4,679.953,178.5332%
Pulsafeeder Pumps
61035AOPEN BOX ITEM: PULSAtron® A Plus Pump, 58 GPD, 100 PSI, LBS4XA-VTC3-U03 (Refurbished)960.00*468.6751%
65688BOPEN BOX ITEM: PULSAtron® E Plus Pump w/ 4-20 mA Input, 21 GPD, 150 PSI, LPD4MA-VTC1 (Refurbished)1,506.00*719.5352%
44127PULSAtron® MP Pump, 22 GPD, 150 PSI, LMD4TA-VHC91,789.95904.9149%
Walchem Pumps
75550EHE Chemical Metering Pump, 288 GPD, 60 PSI, EHE46E1-FCT1,865.001,036.1144%
*Standard price refers to the price of the new item.
Repair Parts
Stock #DescriptionStandard
Blue-White® Parts
350494Tube Assembly for A4 & M4 Pumps, A4-MTH-T156.4581.7047%
43422Cam Bearing Assembly for 100 Pumps (3, 7, 15, 30 GPD), 2225539.5021.0646%
Grundfos® Parts
28735Rebuild Kit, PVDF DME-8, PV/FKM/Ceramic1,279.95992.8922%
28739Automatic Vent Valve635.00592.897%
38533Dosing Monitor Kit DME48, PP/EPDM477.00371.0022%
38535Dosing Monitor Kit DME4-19 PP/EPDM431.00383.1111%
351189Replacement Diaphragm, 97751709409.95326.2220%
38538Spring Loaded Valve Kit DME/S2-DME48 SS/V/SS504.95402.6720%
202507Control Cable, 4-pole, 16' for Pumps, 9660901668.9558.6715%
21894Connection Kit 1/4" to 3/8" PVDF DME 2-48/DMS (2 Connections)73.9556.0024%
Jesco Parts
85326Spare Parts Kit, PVDF/Hypalon®/PTFE, MEMDOS 110-156323.07287.1611%
85849Replacement Diaphragm for Jesco LB15, LB20, LP15, LP20 Metering Pumps89.5279.5711%
LMI Parts
76291Head for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, 316 SS, 273942,024.001,349.3333%
76301Head for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, PVC, 38589264.00176.0033%
76305Head for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, 27511239.00159.3333%
76285Head for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, Polypropylene, 29554194.58129.7233%
76327Head for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, PVDF, 29611212.00141.3333%
76408Head for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, Polypropylene, 38574158.00105.3333%
161637Head for Roytronic® Pumps, 3.0 Acrylic, 50529410.00273.3333%
63060Head for Roytronic® Pumps, 0.5 Molded PVDF (Deep Core), 37980136.0090.6733%
161700Head, 0.9 PP, HV, 26050-1407.00271.3333%
161662Head, 0.9 PP, 10313M159.00106.0033%
78874FastPrime™ Head for Roytronic® Pumps, SC4 Molded, 48369179.00119.3333%
78863FastPrime™ Head, Machined, 48220216.00144.0033%
78866FastPrime™ Head for Roytronic® Pumps, SC4 Machined Acrylic, 48226227.00151.3333%
76432Head Assembly for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, PVDF/Polyprel®/Ceramic, 28074161.44107.6233%
76269Head Assembly for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, PVDF/Polyprel®/Ceramic, 28033538.00358.6733%
76193Head Assembly for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, PVC/Polyprel®/Ceramic, 29286216.75170.0022%
76191Head Assembly, PVDF, Polyprel & Ceramic, 29289170.00132.6722%
76223Head Assembly, PVC, Teflon & Ceramic, 25230174.00116.0033%
162601Liquid End Assembly, LE-940HI674.00359.4746%
160487Liquid End Assembly, LE-86PMX494.00329.3333%
50862Liquid End Assembly, LE-34828.00441.6046%
50859Liquid End Assembly, LE-297728.00388.2746%
162453Liquid End Assembly, LE-920HI-250442.62236.0746%
162653Liquid End Assembly for Roytronic® Pumps, LE-D18HI820.00437.3346%
78992Liquid End Assembly for Roytronic® Pumps, LE-813SI524.00279.4746%
162499Liquid End Assembly, Roytronic® Pumps, 0.4SI, LE-928AI387.00206.4046%
76382Liquid End For 362; PVDF, Polyprel & Ceramic225.00150.0033%
162102Liquid End Assembly, 0.5Si, PVC/PVC/CER, LE-458TI347.00185.0746%
162430Liquid End Assembly, Roytronic®, 0.2SI, LE-918NI425.00226.6746%
161867Liquid End Assembly, LE-20HV735.00392.0046%
63057Liquid End Cartridge, LE-45931.0020.6733%
50848Flow Meter (FM-PRO) for 300 Series Liquid End with 4-Function Valve306.00204.0033%
67799Control Panel Assembly for C901 & C911 115V Pumps, 35960CE1,417.00944.6733%
64821Control Panel Assembly for C921 115V Pumps, 35962CE1,417.00944.6733%
64823Control Panel Assembly for C941 115V Pumps, 35966CE1,417.00944.6733%
67798Control Panel Assembly for C781 115V Pumps, 33822902.00601.3333%
67781Control Panel Assembly for AA1 115V Pumps, 48013280.50220.0022%
161436Auto-Prime Valve Assembly, 1/4 Tube, 38789303.00202.0033%
78958AutoPrime™ Discharge Cartridge Valve, 4870654.0036.0033%
614714-Function Valve for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, 1/2" OD Tube, PVDF/Teflon®, 27043140.0093.3333%
76087Injection Valve for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, 316 SS/Teflon®/316 SS, 27534882.00588.0033%
61505Injection Valve for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, 2520384.0056.0033%
61504Injection Valve for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, 2801361.0040.6733%
76371Suction Valve for LiquiPro™ Pumps, PVDF/Teflon®/Ceramic, 3636079.0052.6733%
72880Suction Valve for LiquiPro™ Pumps, PVDF/Polyprel®/Teflon®, 3785349.0032.6733%
72877Suction Valve for LiquiPro™ Pumps, PVC/Polyprel®/Ceramic, 3802040.2826.8633%
76104Suction Valve for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, Polypropylene/Teflon®/Ceramic, 2510758.0038.6733%
76117Suction Valve for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, PVC/Hypalon®/Teflon®, 2527251.0034.0033%
76120Suction Valve for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, PVC/Hypalon®/Ceramic, 1051336.0024.0033%
76126Suction Valve for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, Polypropylene/Polyprel®/Ceramic, 2800431.0020.6733%
76129Suction Valve for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, Polypropylene/Teflon®/Ceramic, 2805630.0020.0033%
63067Suction Valve for Roytronic® Pumps, PVDF/AFLAS®/Ceramic, 49089101.0067.3333%
78912Suction Check Valve for Roytronic® Pumps, 4867545.0030.0033%
72902Foot Valve for LiquiPro™ Pumps, PVDF/Teflon®/Ceramic, 3649964.0042.6733%
76443Foot Valve for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, UHMWPE/Hypalon®/Ceramic, 2549284.0056.0033%
61520Foot Valve for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, 2517964.0042.6733%
76442Foot Valve for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, PVC/Teflon®/Ceramic, 2503265.0043.3333%
63076Foot Valve for Roytronic® Pumps, PVDF, 4910187.0058.0033%
78944Foot Valve for Roytronic® Pumps, 4872086.0057.3333%
78926Roytronic® Cartridge Valve, 4854531.0020.6733%
78929Roytronic® Cartridge Valve, 4869231.0020.6733%
78934FastPrime™ Cartridge Valve, 4869723.0015.3333%
69482Valve Seat for Non-LiquiPro™ Pumps, 3/8", PVC, 1029216.0010.6733%
78889FastPrime® Valve Gasket for Roytronic® Pumps, 485907.004.6733%
162718Repair Kit, RPM-937368.00245.3333%
162720Repair Kit, RPM-949198.00132.0033%
38520Repair Kit, RPM-940A157.04104.6933%
162727Repair Kit, SP-75V83.3955.5933%
61034Repair Kit, SP-U4211.00140.6733%
50882Repair Kit, SP-257106.20103.672%
161302Spare Parts Kit, BP/AS & 37559329.00219.3333%
162730Spare Parts Kit, SP-97211.00140.6733%
50847Flow Monitor (FM-301) Direct Mount, 1/2" Ball Check & Tube Discharge Assembly336.00224.0033%
160369Switch Assembly, 28291414.00276.0033%
161366Armature & Shaft Assembly, 38084554.00369.3333%
160407Housing, De D7 Power Control, 28955129.3686.2433%
161017Housing, DP5000, Machined, 3469190.8860.5933%
67767Pulse Transmitter for Series AA7 Pumps, 41319117.3092.0022%
85661Bulk Ferrule Kit, 1/2" Tube45.0030.0033%
161602Roytronic® 3-Pin Connector, Low Level, 49253121.0080.6733%
161099Spacer with Plug, 5 x 5 1.8, 35394105.0070.0033%
161500Power Cord, USA 230V, 4823220.4013.6033%
161568Power Cord, USA 230V, 4885244.9029.9333%
161524Connector, 5-Pin Reverse Key, 4849099.0066.0033%
161651Cable Assembly, Hall Effect AD9, 50703208.00138.6733%
161533Stroke Bracket, 4860021.0014.0033%
161534Stroke Shaft, AD Male, 4860148.0032.0033%
161535Stroke Shaft, AD Female, 4860258.0038.6733%
160577Liquifram, 0.8, 30981101.0067.3333%
160235Plug, 1/4" NPT, PVC, 2655823.0015.3333%
160745Tee, Pipe, 3/4 NPT, NIBCO 805-00738.0025.3333%
160021Injector Fitting, PVC, 1029418.0012.0033%
160732Injector Fitting, 1/2, 3193644.0029.3333%
160884Set Screw, Liquid Shaft (M Pump), 3289914.009.3333%
65015Stroke Knob for Series A Pumps, 3189018.0012.0033%
20734Hose Clamp for PolyBlend® Pumps, 2565212.008.0033%
161537Roytronic® 4FV Bleed Nut 6.004.0033%
160280O-Ring, 0.937 ID x 0.139 W, 2-213BUNA11.007.3333%
160097PP Insert, Tubing, 0.375, 2507910.006.6733%
160151Rubber Bushing, B7 C7, 258497.004.6733%
Milton Roy Parts
207515MacRoy® Liquid End, Model D, Size 4, 288 GPD, 150 PSI, PVC/Aflas/PTFE/Ceramic, (NO DRIVE) SD48P-LE719.95633.7212%
Pulsafeeder Parts
76729Pump Head, L0200900-PVD173.6092.5946%
43181Pump Head for LB02, LC02 Wet Ends (Series E+, A+ & C)73.6039.2646%
76727Pump Head, L0200900-FPP66.0035.2046%
76754Pump Head, L0200800-PPL509.30271.6246%
74593KOPkit™, 20mm, 1.0, 1.0D, PVC, Pulsafeeder, NLK007EP1,639.95728.0056%
61937KOPkit™ (NLK040FP) For OMNI PVDF Pump526.15273.6048%
76818KOPkit™, PVDF, Viton® & Ceramic, K4KVC1373.80199.3646%
76828KOPkit™, GFPPL, Hypalon & Teflon®, K5PHT3200.60106.9946%
74520KOPkit™ K3, Glass Filled Polypropylene/TFE/Ceramic-Double Ball, 1/2 in OD, Pulsafeeder, K3PTCA173.3092.4246%
665115-Function Valve for PULSAtron® Pumps, 1/4" NPT(M), 150 PSI127.5068.0046%
43168Suction Valve Assembly for PTS5 Wet Ends (Series E+, A+ & C)334.50178.4046%
76721Bleed Valve Assembly, L3300V03-FPP87.6046.7246%
74481Adapter, Black, 1.00", HGS#2, L0400300-FPP34.4018.3446%
43427Deflection Plate #4 for Pumps10.805.7646%
Stenner Parts
60793Coil, 120 VAC, MP6J115106.1050.4052%
60766Motor Cover with Cord, 120 VAC, PM6A0BL68.9534.6650%
60795Metal Reduction Gear 26 RPM, Series 45 & 100, MP6O04038.7218.3952%
76967Motor Base, MP7000028.4213.5052%
60755Dial Ring, FC5M04022.2610.5852%
Walchem Parts
85573Head Assembly, EHE31, FCT829.00598.7227%
85342Head Assembly, W10TC309.40262.8915%
85600Head Assembly, EW/KC21 & EZC21, VCA348.00251.3327%
85603Head Assembly, EW/K-21 & EZC21, VEM255.00184.1727%
42359Head Assembly, W35VC185.00133.6127%
42361Head Assembly, Z30VC115.0083.0627%
42360Head Assembly, Z30PE115.0083.0627%
85778Repair Kit, L4VS-PK262.00189.2227%
75562Repair Kit, E46VF-PK145.00104.7227%
62670Repair Kit, X36VF-PK80.0057.7827%
62675Repair Kit, X36VE-PK80.0057.7827%
62676Repair Kit, X11TC-PK90.0065.0027%
62677Repair Kit, X16TC-PK98.0070.7827%
61297Repair Kit, Z30TC-PK82.0059.2227%
61296Repair Kit, Z20TC-PK75.0054.1727%
61294Repair Kit, Z10TC-PK65.0046.9427%
61234Repair Kit, Z35VF-PK50.0036.1127%
350914Repair Kit, N31VE-PK92.0066.4427%
85188Pump Stand for LK Series Pumps, E00099207.00149.5027%
64849Submersion Mounting Gland, SS High Temp (pH/ORP), 180445.B312.00225.3327%
207329Valve, BP/AS, Fixed, 30 PSI, 3/8" PP, E90198218.00157.4427%
62732Manual Air Vent Valve PVC EPDM, E9036798.0070.7827%
62783Valve Housing EHE4 PVDF, EH093242.0030.3327%
61245Posiflow Sensor For VC Liquid Ends368.00265.7827%
61250Connector for Posiflow Sensor, EW-Y Pumps, 5-Pin41.0029.6127%
61256Remote Connector Kit72.0052.0027%
62784Coupling Nut E3/E4 PVDF, EH093315.1010.9127%
62762Fitting 3/4" NPT PVDF E00041175.00126.3927%
62788MAVV Fitting PVC, EH10787.205.2027%
Liquid Chemical Feed Accessories
Stock #DescriptionStandard
350781PlantPRO™ Non-Metallic Corp Stop, Kynar, 1/2" NPT(M)1,199.95782.7635%
351826Koflo® Retractable Injection Quill, 1" NPT Process Connection, PVDF Quill, No Check Valve537.00358.0033%
351827Koflo® Retractable Injection Quill, 1" NPT Process Connection, Stainless Steel Quill, No Check Valve514.00342.6733%
351786Koflo® Retractable Injection Quill, 1/2" Process Connection, PVDF Quill, No Check Valve428.00285.3333%
351794Koflo® Replacement Quill, for 1/2" Process Connection, PVDF, No Check Valve331.00220.6733%
351850Koflo® Injection Quill Rebuild Kit, 3/4" Inlet, PVC Quills67.0044.6733%
351851Koflo® Injection Quill Rebuild Kit, 1" Inlet, PVC Quills110.0073.3333%
351862Koflo® Injection Quill O-Ring Kit, 3/4", Viton®35.0023.3333%
351865Koflo® Injection Quill O-Ring Kit, 3/4", EPDM35.0023.3333%
19514Replacement SAF-T-FLO™ 3/8" 316 SS Retractable Quill, STA-038-1-S-6-0379.95256.6732%
207335Pressure Relief Valve, 316SS 1/2" NPT (F), 10 to 150 PSI, PRM050S572.00286.0050%
350509Blacoh™ Hybrid Valve™ Back Pressure & Pulsation Dampening Valve, CPVC / Hypalon, 1/4" NPT(F)579.95421.5627%
12943Polypropylene Metering Valve, 1/2" NPT91.9565.7628%
79076Check Valve, General Purpose, 1/4" NPT (M) x 1/2" Hose Barb 10.209.863%
50907Neptune Nozzle (CS-100-KY) #002857374.95242.6735%
350520Blacoh™ AODDampener™ Pulsation Dampener for AODD Pumps, 1.5", AOD-15-NPT1,619.951,260.8322%
351140Griffco Pulsation Dampener, SS/Hypalon, 80 Cubic Inch, 1" NPT(F), PD0032SH011,312.00612.2753%
70103Pulsation Dampener, PVC/Hypalon®, 85 Cubic inch, 3/4" NPT639.95533.1017%
Gas Chemical Feed Accessories
Stock #DescriptionStandard
75593Isolating Valve and Yoke Assembly for Chlorine195.00140.8327%
Tube Fittings
Stock #DescriptionStandard
85533Male Run Tee, 1/2" Tube x 1/2" Tube x 3/8" NPT, 10/Pack158.9563.7860%
85441Male Elbow Fittings, 1/4" Tube x 3/8" NPT, 10/Pack87.9533.8162%
85530Male Run Tee, 1/4" Tube x 1/4" Tube x 1/4" NPT, 10/Pack79.9531.6760%
68457Tube Union Connector, 1/2" Tube x 1/2" 10.595.1262%
62802PFA Female Adapter, 3/8" Tube x 3/8" NPT85.9555.0236%
62822PFA Female Elbow, 1/4" Tube x 1/4" NPT50.9535.3630%
68285Bulkhead Fitting, Replacement Gasket, 1-1/4"31.9514.7854%
316 Stainless Steel
42261Male Branch Tee, 1/2" OD x 1/2" OD x 1/2" NPT(M)91.9541.1255%
42281Female Compression Elbow, 1/2" OD x 3/8" NPT(F)40.9522.9144%
42280Female Compression Elbow, 3/8" OD x 3/8" NPT(F)45.9519.0459%
42279Female Compression Elbow, 3/8" OD x 1/4" NPT(F)40.9517.2058%
42264Compression Union, 3/8" OD x 1/4" NPT(M)31.9513.5458%
63374JG Union Elbow, 1/2" Tube x 1/2" Tube, 10/Pack50.1822.3056%
67039Union Elbow, 1/2" Tube x 1/2" Tube 2.991.4053%
68434Female Elbow, 1/2" Tube x 3/8" NPT1.271.233%
85508Female Elbow Fittings, 5/8" Tube x 1/2" NPT, 10/Pack52.9520.3862%
85519Union Elbow Fittings, 3/4" x 3/4", 5/Pack50.9519.5962%
62404Union Connector, 3/8" Tube x 5/16" Tube 7.291.9174%
63367JG Male Connector, 1/2" Tube x 3/8" NPT, 10/Pack42.0818.7056%
63377JG Union Connector, 1/2" Tube x 1/2" Tube, 10/Pack38.7017.2056%
63389JG Reducing Union, 1/2" Tube x 3/8" Tube, 10/Pack45.4520.2056%
85449Male Branch Tee, 3/8" Tube x 3/8" Tube x 1/4" NPT, 10/Pack35.9513.7562%
85451Male Branch Tee, 1/2" Tube x 1/2" Tube x 3/8" NPT, 10/Pack47.9517.9263%
85526Male Run Tee, 3/8" Tube x 3/8" Tube x 1/4" NPT, 10/Pack34.9513.7561%
63380JG Stem Adapter, 3/8" Stem x 3/8" NPT, 10/Pack7.975.9026%
63379JG Stem Adapter, 3/8" Stem x 1/4" NPT, 10/Pack10.464.6655%
63378JG Stem Adapter, 1/4" Stem x 1/4" NPT, 10/Pack8.553.8056%
63381JG Stem Adapter, 1/2" Stem x 3/8" NPT, 10/Pack21.839.7056%
63360JG Shut-Off Valve, 1/4" Tube x 1/4 NPT (F)8.713.8756%
42059Hose Barb Tee, 1" x 1" x 1", 5/Pack28.9513.5253%
42045Hose Barb Reducer Coupling, 1-1/4" x 3/4", 5/Pack43.9518.4358%
42083Hose Barb Male Reducing Adapter, 1-1/4" NPT(M) x 1-1/2" Hose Barb Size9.894.8751%
42056Hose Barb 90° Elbow, 2" x 2"8.494.0153%
42115Hose Barb Male Adapter, 1-1/2"19.8611.0145%
420343" Bulkhead Fitting, Replacement Gasket19.999.0055%
623473/8" Plug, Black1.990.4179%
Liquid Chemical Feed Tubing
Stock #DescriptionStandard
351003PVC Suction Tubing (Clear), NSF-51 Certified, 3/8" OD x 1/4" ID, 500-ft Roll293.95144.4451%
351005PVC Suction Tubing (Clear), NSF-51 Certified, 7/16" OD x 5/16" ID, 500-ft Roll296.95150.0049%
62429PVC Suction Tubing (Clear), 3/4"OD x 1/2"ID, 45 PSI, 250-ft Roll409.95131.8467%
351067High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Discharge Tubing, NSF-61 Certified, 50-ft Roll47.9513.6671%
UV Disinfection Systems
Stock #DescriptionStandard
73291Viqua™ Pro 30 UV System4,059.952,053.3349%
73290Viqua™ Pro 20 UV System3,099.951,564.4450%
73289Viqua™ Pro 10 UV System2,559.951,291.1150%
73292Viqua™ UVMAX™ G Plus UV System1,402.461,006.6728%
350878Tank Master™ UV Liquid Storage Sanitizer, 1 Lamp, TM48774.95604.1722%
73875Siemens Sunburst SB System SB-10, 10 GPM Flow Max609.95300.8851%
UV Disinfection System Parts
Stock #DescriptionStandard
350605Replacement UV Lamp for Berson UV-Techniek B3535H, 422 mm, 3500 Watts349.95258.5026%
350646Replacement UV Lamp, Wedeco SLR32143/HP, 1512 mm, 295 Watts244.44184.4425%
350019Replacement UV Lamp for VIQUA™ Pro Series SHFM-180 Systems195.0086.6755%
73306Replacement UV Lamp for VIQUA™ Trojan UV Max F4 Series183.0081.3355%
73305Replacement UV Lamp for VIQUA™ Trojan UV Max E4 Series170.0075.5655%
86160Replacement UV Lamp for Infilco 59619-G09, 1554 mm, 75 Watts71.9545.6437%
86164Ster-L-Ray™ Equivalent UV Lamp for Sterilight S36RL, 843 mm, 40 Watts43.9535.2020%
24405Ster-L-Ray® Lamp for Minipure™ Model MIN-6, 05-1370-R38.9528.8126%
10927Replacement UV Lamp (for Various Brands), G36T5VH27.1824.3310%
10918Replacement UV Lamp (for Various Brands), GPH810T5VH/432.9525.0024%
24429Replacement UV Lamp #05-1400 for Mightypure™ MP13 UV System27.9523.1117%
10925Replacement UV Lamp for Ultra Dynamics 803032.9524.2626%
350648Replacement Quartz Sleeve for Wedeco 37913 (K Series)235.95174.3326%
350891Replacement Quartz Sleeve for Tank Master™ TM36 & TM36-2, 15-1275A177.9540.0049%
39775Crystal Clear™ Quartz Sleeve for Sanitron™ S17 and S17A35.9521.5340%
350742Genuine SURELITE™ Ballast for Sanitron® S2400C and Larger, 230V, 50/60Hz, 10-0155 f195.95117.2240%
24412Promate™ Bracket Kit for Minipure® UV Water Purifier Models MIN-3, MIN-6 and MIN-9, 25-0415A38.9526.0033%
24416Control Valve, 6 GPM , 27-140335.9523.8334%
24441Control Valve, 3 GPM, 27-140232.9521.6734%
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