Test Chloraminated Water 75% Faster Test Chloraminated Water 75% Faster

Hach SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyzers
Full Kit 87346
Full Kit 87346

Hach SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyzers

Eliminates most manual steps for less hassle and less variability
Features patented Chemkey® technology
Dramatically simplify water quality testing with this multitasking analyzer. It quickly measures up to four colorimetric parameters and two probe-based parameters at the same time, providing you with complete test results in less than 8 minutes!
The analyzer runs colorimetric tests using patented Chemkey technology. For probe-based measurements (such as pH, DO and conductivity), the analyzer accepts Hach’s IntelliCal probes. Automation and internal temperature control make the entire process consistent and repeatable—and help eliminate user error.
Whether you’re using Chemkeys, IntelliCal probes or both, this highly advanced analyzer automatically recognizes the parameters being measured and guides you step-by-step through the process. Its large, backlit display shows a progress bar with the time remaining until measurement is complete, as well as probe calibration status. Select prompts in your choice of over 25 languages.
Set up the analyzer to trace data to specific people and locations using its built-in web interface. Connect the SL1000 to your computer with the included USB to set up user ID, site ID, routes and site notes on your computer; then download the information to the analyzer. The SL1000 datalogs up to 1000 measurements that you can upload to your computer and either save in an Excel spreadsheet or view in a web browser.
Analyzer Only includes: analyzer, carrying case, instrument sample cup, two probe sample cups, rechargeable battery, battery charger, hand strap, USB cable and manual. Full Kit also includes: pH probe (PHC20101), conductivity probe (CDC40101), and one box each of free chlorine, total chlorine, monochloramine, free ammonia and nitrite Chemkeys.
Nitrification Kit includes: all that Analyzer Only has, plus pH probe (PHC20101), nitrate probe (ISENO318101), and one box each of free chlorine, total chlorine, monochloramine, free ammonia and nitrite Chemkeys. 1-year warranty on analyzer.
Display:graphic LCD
Datalogging:1000 data sets (result, date, time, site ID, user ID)
Interface:mini USB
Power:rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack; 100V to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz input; 12V at 3A output
Battery life:over 200 Chemkey tests per full battery
Dimensions:10.2"L x 5.15"W x 2.32"H
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9430000SL1000 Analyzer Only87365
8499000SL1000 Full Kit87346
25632200SL1000 Nitrification Kit87374
1801000Power Cord, UL Listed87367
8497000Replacement Power Supply (No Power Cord)87373
9094900Replacement Battery87369
9374200Car Charger87368
9377700Replacement Tray87371
9394900Replacement Tray, Set of 487370
9418100Replacement Sample Cup87366
9431700Replacement Nose Cone87372
Service Contract for SL100077118

Hach Chemkeys
All chemicals and processes are entirely contained inside the Chemkey.


Chemkeys feature integrated reagents, eliminating manual processes—no drops to count, powder pillows to open or ampules to break. Simply insert up to four Chemkeys into the analyzer, dip into your water sample and read the results in minutes. System Verification Chemkeys verify the system to run tests on the SL1000 in less than 60 seconds.
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8636100Total Alkalinity, HR200 to 700 CaCO₃2587350
8636200Total Alkalinity, LR20 to 200 CaCO₃25200038
9425200Total Ammonia0.05 to 1.50 NH₃-N2587354
9429500Free Ammonia0.05 to 0.50 NH₃-N2587361
9429600Free Ammonia &
0.05 to 0.50 NH₃-N &
0.04 to 4.60 Cl₂
8791900Free/Total Ammonia &
0.05 to 0.50 mg/L NH₃-N;
0.05 to 1.50 mg/L NH₃-N &
0.04 to 4.00 mg/L Cl₂
9429400Monochloramine0.04 to 4.60 Cl₂2587360
8499300Free Chlorine0.12 to 4.60 Cl₂30087347
9429000Free Chlorine0.12 to 4.60 Cl₂2587356
8499400Total Chlorine0.04 to 10.0 Cl₂30087348
9429100Total Chlorine0.04 to 10.0 Cl₂2587357
9427900Chlorine Verification87355
9429200Copper0.06 to 5.75 Cu2587358
8636300Hardness90 to 750 CaCO₃2587375
8636400Hardness3 to 100 CaCO₃2587351
8636000Dissolved Iron0.05 to 3.00 Fe2587349
9429300Nitrite0.005 to 0.6 NO₂-N2587359
8636500Orthophosphate, HR2.0 to 30.0 PO₄2587352
8636600Orthophosphate, LR0.20 to 4.00 PO₄2587353
8635200Peracetic Acid0.04 to 50.0 PPA2587884
9759000pH6.3 to 9.0 pH2590555
9436800System Verification87363
*25 of each. EPA accepted for reporting in drinking water analysis.
USABlueBook: Hach's Premier Partner Since 1991
USABlueBook: Hach's Premier Partner Since 1991