LMI Pumps
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USABlueBook offers a complete selection of LMI repair parts. We recommend keeping important repair parts on hand for quick access and reduced downtime.
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LMI Roytronic
Wet Ends 312 to 949
Roytronic pumps feature an advanced tubing connection, a larger multi-function valve, and the Roytronic name printed on the pump face.
LMI LiquiPro
Wet Ends 312 to 498
LiquiPro pumps featured either pre-2009 or post-2009 multi-function valves. Tubing uses a stainless steel clamp ring.
LMI Non-LiquiPro
Wet Ends 20 to 297
LMI’s classic chemical metering pump design. This tried-and-true style is most easily identifiable by its lack of a cartridge-style check valve.