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    Blower Package in Fiberglass Enclosure (2M Series, 1.5hp)
    Duplex packages are available

    Item: 66994
    Weight: 185.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $2,974.95 

    All the following items are included: Positive displacement blower, ODP motor, Adjustable motor base, 230/460V 3-phase motor (Convert your 3-phase motor into a 1-phase motor by adding the 1-phase adder. Contact USABlueBook for details), Inlet filter/silencer V-belt drive Fiberglass housing Pressure relief valves Flexible hose connection Pressure gauge Blower check valve

    Enclosures equipped with the optional interior sound-deadening material shown below will further reduce motor and blower noise. Liner consists of one-inch foam that is applied to the interior walls and top of the hood. Factory installed option with bare enclosures or new blower packages.

    Refer to the blower performance tables in this catalog to determine blower size based on cfm and pressure desired.

    Note: When ordering, specify cfm and psi required. Also please specify voltage and phase. Alternate voltages available. Contact USABlueBook for details. We will ship brand of blower offering best delivery time if a particular brand is not specified.

    Tech Specs
    • Roots #: 22
    • Sutorbilt #: 2M
    • M-D Competitor #: 2002
    • Enclosure Size: 1
    • Motor: 3-Phase, 1.5 hp

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