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    M-D Pneumatics Competitor Plus™ Blower‚ 7018
    Drop-in replacement for Roots URAI and Sutorbilt Legend®
    Next generation engineering for longer life
    Manufactured to ISO 9001 registered quality standards

    Item: 15926
    Weight: 915.0 lbs

    M-D’s Competitor Plus blowers are designed not only to be interchangeable with competing brands but they also incorporate advanced design features to improve life and service-ability based on years of experience with PD blowers in wastewater aeration systems. Ductile iron rotors are precision machined with large integrally cast shafts. This means that the rotor is one-piece construction‚ not a press fit or pinned shaft that can loosen‚ slip and cause expensive repairs due to rotor clash. Sealing surfaces are polished for long seal life.

    M-D Competitor Plus blowers utilize helical gears instead of spur gears for quieter‚ smoother operation. Taper fit spur gears can backlash‚ slip and lose their timing‚ resulting in costly repairs. M-D’s helical gears are keyed to the shafts. Double row ball bearings have been incorporated for greater strength at the gear end of both rotors. Drive shaft bearings are cylindrical roller for additional strength against side loading from V-belt drives. M-D’s larger‚ stronger bearings provide smoother performance and add up to 50% longer bearing life over competing models.

    The end clearances in M-D blowers are positively established at the gear end‚ which eliminates the risk of shifting end clearance when installing or removing drive components. This also eliminates the special fork and saddle tools required by other brands to reset end clearances.

    USABlueBook can supply complete M-D blower packages in several styles. Prices are very competitive and deliveries are generally among the best in the industry.

    Note: Standard warranty on M-D Competitor Plus blowers is 24 months from date of original factory shipment and 18 months from date of installation. Blowers weighing over 70 lbs ship motor freight.

    Shipping: Ships motor freight.

    Tech Specs
    • Blower Model: 7018
    • Diameter Inlet/Outlet: 8" FLG
    • Shaft Size: 1.562
    • Weight: 675 lbs

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