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    EDI Replacement Membrane (AquaAerobic™, EPDM, 75mm x 1003mm)
    Proven superior performance in over 3‚000 installations and over 12 years of application
    Special sizes available in any tube length‚ diameter‚ perforation and material

    Item: 32163
    Weight: 1.3 lbs
    Catalog Price: $37.00 

    EDI replacement membranes are available for most brands of diffusers. These membranes are tested to be 15 to 50% more efficient than competitive products‚ due to their integrated engineered design and superior quality control. Choose from EPDM rubber and PU (polyurethane) construction. EPDM is the standard for municipal waste. Polyurethane is ideal for oily‚ fatty or chemical waste applications where temperatures are less than 100°F. For special applications‚ membranes from other materials including Neoprene‚ nitrile or silicone are also available by request.

    For assistance in selecting a membrane‚ contact USABlueBook. We can supply replacement tube membranes for virtually all brands (including Ecologix‚ Gummi Jager‚ GVA and Schreiber) in any diameter‚ length and perforation pattern in several polymer materials. We can also provide advice on retrofitting to achieve higher efficiency.

    Tech Specs
    • Membrane ID ("/mm): 2.938/75
    • Membrane length ("/mm): 39.50/1003
    • Thickness ("):0.078
    • Material: EPDM

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