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    EDI PermaCap 5™ Coarse-Bubble Diffuser, 3/8"NPT(M)
    Upgrade systems from 2 to 3" diameter coarse bubble diffusers
    Integral unit design to prevent blowoff
    High capacity air flow ranges with low pressure loss

    Item: 32197
    Weight: 0.2 lbs
    Catalog Price: $9.25 

    These diffusers offer greater unit capacity over small diameter diaphragm coarse bubble diffusers at a lower cost. They feature a high-strength ABS body with NPT(M) connections. The EPDM membrane is locked in place with an engineered retaining ring to prevent blowout.

    Replace small diameter coarse bubble diffusers with EDI PermaCap 5 diffusers for increased air capacity and greater oxygen transfer. A one-to-one change out lets you use up to 4 times more blower capacity with no pressure increase. The coarse bubble PermaCap 5 operates at rates up to 20 cfm, while small 2" and 3" coarse bubble diffusers are rated from 3 to 12 cfm with a much higher pressure drop. Diffusers can be mounted upside down to aid condensate removal from the air header.

    Tech Specs
    • Typical design airflow range: 2 to 15 cfm
    • Max cfm: 20 (maximum airflow suitable for short term intermittent use)
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