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    EDI FlexAir™ 9" Disc Fine Bubble Diffuser
    Highest quality
    Engineered for maximum performance
    3/4" NPT(M) connection

    Item: 32185
    Weight: 1.3 lbs
    Catalog Price: $23.00 

    EDI flexible membranes and diffuser units are manufactured using the most advanced disc technology available. Tests have shown increases in efficiency up to 15% over competitive products due to complete quality control and engineering design.

    FlexAir bodies are made of high-rigidity glass-filled polypropylene with 3/4" NPT(M) connections. Fine bubble EPDM membranes contain a minimum of 6‚300 engineered orifices‚ which is up to 20% more than competitive models. The design of the EDI disk membrane with engineered taper allows full utilization of the membrane surface‚ even at low airflow operations. This feature results in improved oxygen transfer efficiency and maximum operational flexibility. The EDI disc diffuser has an integral "triple" check valve to prevent backflow and clogging with solids.

    Stock FlexAir diffusers have fine bubble EPDM membranes. Membranes made of other materials and different perforations are available as special order; contact USABlueBook for more information.

    Use EDI fine bubble disc diffusers to replace Sanitaire™‚ Flygt™‚ AERCOR™‚ SSI™ and US Filter™ on a one-to-one basis. These fine bubble diffusers can also be used to upgrade coarse bubble systems.

    Tech Specs
    • Designed airflow: 1 to 5 cfm
    • Max. cfm: 10 (maximum airflow suitable for short term intermittent use)

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