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    Clog-Free Bottom Discharge Diffuser
    Easy retro-fit
    Great for cycle-timed blowers

    Item: 48876
    Weight: 0.3 lbs
    Catalog Price: $22.00 

    At plants that operate with cycled running times, solids can settle during off cycles. This can plug upward facing openings in many diffusers, resulting in reduced efficiency and unnecessary costs. These bottom discharge diffusers are a great solution to this common problem.

    These high-impact ABS plastic diffusers do not clog. Inside the diffuser cone, a rubber diaphragm seals the orifice whenever the blower shuts off, trapping a bubble of air which prevents any liquids or floating solids from even touching the orifice. Air is broken up when passing through the sectioned orifice. Next, the rubber diaphragm, blown aside by the force of inrushing air, continues to break up the air stream. Finally, notches at the base of the diffuser break the air into smaller bubbles, giving greater surface area for more contact with the wastewater.

    Diffusers measure 5" Dia x 4.5"H with 1/2" NPT(M) threads. Units can handle 1 to 13 cfm with best efficiency between 6 and 12 cfm.

    Tech Specs
    • 1/2" M NPT

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