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    Sanitaire MT-2 EDPM Membrane Tube Diffuser

    Item: 66650
    Weight: 2.5 lbs
    Catalog Price: $82.95 

    More energy efficient than coarse bubble diffusers,the Sanitaire MT-2 can increase your plant’s treatment capacity when replacing less efficient coarse bubble aeration systems. These membrane tube diffusers are ideal for a wide range of municipal and industrial treatment applications including package plants, oxidation ditches, aerobic digesters, and aeration or post aeration tanks.

    The MT-2’s non-buoyant design features EPDM membranes and a PVC 24" long body. The membrane sheath is secured to diffuser body with two stainless steel clamps. It collapses over the air inlet to prevent wastewater from entering the diffuser and piping system when process air is turned off. Diffuser has a 3/4" 304 SS nipple already installed. Headloss is 11 to 15" H2O.

    Note: Sanitaire replacement sheaths come with two SS clamps. EDI replacement sheaths do not include clamps; order separately. To tighten clamps, you will need at least one crimp tool.

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