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    Aquarian™ Floating Aerator (3hp, 230V, 1ph)
    Standard Franklin 1- and 3-phase motors up to 3 hp
    Suitable for fresh water and saltwater applications
    Control boxes included

    Item: 42884
    Weight: 197.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $5,130.00 

    These aerators incorporate a 3450 rpm Franklin submersible motor that is water-cooled‚ water-lubricated and UL & CSA recognized. There are no seals or bearings to maintain. A foul-resistant propeller pumps the large water column to a computer-designed diffuser where a shearing effect occurs‚ breaking the column into micro droplets. This increases surface area exposed to atmosphere‚ maximizing oxygen exposure.

    As droplets return to the main body of water‚ flow is induced‚ increasing the effective surface area covered by the aerator. It also cools the water as it is dispersed from the diffuser. This cooler water sinks since it is heavier‚ displacing warmer water that is trying to rise. With the combined effects of pumpage‚ induced flow and cooling‚ pond turnover is continual‚ preventing stratification to 12 ft of depth.

    Includes: 36" square polyethylene-molded and polystyrene foam-filled float with motor‚ diffuser‚ support tube‚ and junction box assembly with removable watertight power cord connection and 200’ of 12/4 power cable on the 2 and 3 hp and 100’ on the 1/2 and 1 hp (trim to the length you desire). 1-phase aerators include a Franklin run/start capacitor control box with GFI plug. 3-phase aerators include a motor starter in NEMA 3R enclosure with on/off switch. Note: 3-year limited warranty void if cable is extended over maximum length supplied by manufacturer.)

    Note: Pond configurations and conditions can vary greatly‚ affecting any aerator’s performance. As a general guideline to turn your pond or lagoon over at least once a day‚ consider one acre = 43‚560 square feet and there are 325‚829 gallons in one acre per foot of depth. Select an aerator (one or more) that will move this amount of water per day. Multiple units may be desirable for more uniform mixing over a wide area. Aquarian standard aeration efficiency (SAE) is 3 lbs of oxygen per hp per hour.

    Shipping: Ships motor freight.

    Tech Specs
    • Pumping Rate (GPM): 2700
    • Pumping Rate (GPD): 3‚888‚000
    • Amps: 17

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