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Part#: 11272
Weight: 24.0 lbs
Brand: Bazooka

Dechlorination Bazooka, Tablet Feed, 4" FPT Fitting

  • Designed for easy dechlorination of water mains
  • Attaches directly to riser pipe
  • For use with tablets
Price: $2,299.95
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The Bazooka is the easiest solution to the chlorination and dechlorination requirements of water mains, hydrant flushing and storage tanks. To dechlorinate, attach the Bazooka to the hydrant fitting or riser pipe from the water main. By opening the valve on the riser pipe or hydrant, water passes through the Bazooka system, making a homogeneous mixture proportioned and controlled to provide that all water is in contact with the correct amount of chemical. Metering of the chemical is done by adjusting a rotometer/rate valve.

Tablet units are available for added ease and convenience. The tablet versions will remove up to 3 ppm of chlorine residual, which is ideal for seasonal flushing. The tablet version will not work for waterline disinfections. This FPT or flange version hook to stand pipes. NST versions to hook up to hydrants are also available. Order a hard shell carrying case separately to protect your investment.

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Tech Specs
  • Type: Dechlorination Tablet
  • Fitting Size: 4" FPT