Part#: 60890
Weight: 14.0 lbs
Brand: LMI

LMI B1 Series Pump‚ 60 GPD‚ 100 PSI‚ Polymers‚ B121-85HV

  • Ideal for basic feed control
  • Stroke Speeds of up to 240 strokes per minute
Price: $1,381.00
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LMI’s series B1 pumps feature two dials for simple‚ manual control of stroke speed and length. Their rugged‚ totally enclosed and chemically resistant housing protects pumps in the harshest environments. Encapsulated electronics along with rigid housing and stroke bracket ensure years of precise‚ repeatable performance.

Pumps for polymers features a high viscosity head which is connected by a 0.938"OD hose barb on the suction side and 1/2"OD tube connection on the discharge side.

Pumps include: Injection valve‚ suction valve‚ discharge valve‚ 3-1/2’ of vinyl tubing and 10’ of polyethylene tubing.

Use with aluminum sulfate (alum) and polymer (call for compatibility with other chemicals). Wetted materials: polypropylene head, polypropylene fittings, 316 SS check balls, Fluorofilm diaphragm and PTFE cartridge style check valves.

Tech Specs
  • Max GPD: 60
  • PSI: 100
  • Connection: 1/2"OD Tube
  • Maximum Viscosity: 40‚000 cP
  • Suction Lift: 3-1/2 ft