Part#: 45063
Weight: 17.0 lbs
Brand: Norweco

Norweco® Tablet Feeder, 24" High, Adjustable Outlet, IT-2000S

  • NSF-approved!
Price: $849.95
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Norweco Bio-Dynamic series 2000 and 4000 tablet feeders are complete dry chemical dosing systems for water and wastewater treatment. These feeders are designed to handle maximum flows of up to 200‚000 gpd. The standard units are installed at grade‚ in-line or in the contact tank of a water or wastewater treatment system.

Each unit has four mounting feet that accept 3/8" diameter bolts. All flow entering the tablet feeder is channeled under an adjustable inlet baffle. The inlet baffle can be adjusted from 1 to 3-1/2"H. Raising the inlet baffle will increase chemical dosage.

Units are available with an adjustable outlet sluice gate for the maximum operational control. These adjustable gates allow you to slow the flow of water down through the feeder thus‚ increasing contact time with the tablets. The tablet feeder is supplied with interchangeable 1"‚ 2" and 3" weir outlet plates. Each unit has a 4" or 6" diameter openings that will accept PVC Sch 40 piping.

Units listed are suitable for direct burial of up to 48" below grade. Models for deeper burial depth are available by special order; contact USABlueBook for more details. These units have the completely encased tubes; bury the feeders so that only the tops of the tubes show. The remote tube removal system (included) allows you to remove the tubes easily.

Note: Check with your state’s regulatory agency to make sure your state will allow the use of tablet feeders.

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