Part#: 42191
Weight: 0.0 lbs
Brand: Pulsafeeder

PVC Corrosion Coupon Test Rack, 4 Station, 28" x 22"

  • Panel-mounted for easy installation
  • Wide variety of models available to meet your application requirements
Price: $831.00
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Coupon racks reliably monitor the effectiveness of water treatment programs in systems such as cooling towers, closed loop chillers and boilers. The coupon rack receives a side-stream flow from the main line to expose different metal coupons to the system water and determine corrosion rate.

All racks have a 5 gpm flow control valve to maintain the recommended flow velocity through the rack. Other standard features include: inlet and outlet isolation valves, y-strainer with drain valve, coupon holders, screws and nuts. We ship our coupon racks assembled, mounted and ready to install for a professional appearance and ease of installation.

PVC racks are designed for use in low-temperature applications such as cooling towers and chillers. The PVC piping is mounted to a HDPE panel and includes quick-disconnect coupon holders that do not require tools for installation or maintenance.

Many options available. We also can fabricate custom racks with clear piping, stainless steel, large pipe or additional stations. Please call USABlueBook for help selecting a custom system.

Note: Coupon racks do not include coupons.

Tech Specs
  • Maximum pressure: 150 psi
  • Maximum temperature: 140ºF
  • Panel material: high-density polyethylene