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    Honeywell DR4500 12" Truline™ Chart Recorder, 1-Pen
    Generates its own chart—no need for individual charts for each process
    Prints flow total data directly on chart
    Digital display

    Item: 37025
    Weight: 14.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $2,029.00 

    Honeywell’s DR4500 Truline model is a 12" circular chart recorder that prints its own chart, which provides you with the maximum flexibility to customize the chart to the process. Configure various chart data such as range marking in engineering units, digital values for process variables and trace identification. The recorder can print a custom chart header for easy future identification of the chart. This data plus printed time lines and engineering units of scale eliminate the need to maintain an inventory of a variety of preprinted charts. Only one chart is needed; no matter what process is being recorded. The gridlines are generated at the same time as the traces.

    The Truline includes a standard display and keypad allowing for easy set-up and configuration of the recorder. During normal operation, the display shows selectable operating parameters and process values in selected engineering units. The display will indicate diagnostic error messages or alarm conditions when necessary.

    Note: Ink is not used with the Truline recorder; use replacement pen arm kit (stock # 37029) when printing degrades.

    Tech Specs
    • Type: 1-pen
    • Chart size: 12"
    • Chart drive: stepper motor; Ranges: user configurable
    • Inputs: mA, VDC, T/C, RTD; Max number of inputs: up to 4
    • Operating conditions: 58 to 131°F; Power: 102 to 264 VAC, 48 to 62 Hz

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