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    USB/SEC Flying 3D Nozzle (1", 60gpm, 6-20" lines)
    Rugged stainless steel body
    One-year warranty for SS inserts; two-year warranty for ceramic inserts

    Item: 27294
    Weight: 4.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $969.02 

    USB/SEC sewer cleaning nozzles provide unrivaled cleaning efficiency and durability. Choose from models with a economical stainless steel insert or a ceramic insert that lasts up to three times longer. Stainless steel inserts have a one-year warranty; ceramic inserts have a two-year warranty.

    '3D" models are manufactured with Optimized 3D Hydro Mechanics™. That means the water coming from the pressurized hose is smoothly turned around in the nozzle chamber and guided directly into the nozzle inserts by means of five axial CNC precision machined, duly debured channels, not tubes or grooves.

    When ordering: Please supply gpm and psi of your jetter unit.

    Tech Specs
    • Nozzle type: Flying 3D
    • Possible application: Tight traction for steep/mountainous terrain
    • Pipe obstruction: Mud, sand, silt
    • Insert type: Ceramic
    • Hose connection: 1"

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