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    Universal Roller Skid for 6-12" Pipe Lines
    Automatically adjusts to fit in 6 to 12" pipes
    Compatible with most lateral cameras

    Item: 33037
    Weight: 3.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $414.95 

    The Universal Roller Skid centers your lateral camera in the pipe, maintaining level for a better picture. Three extension springs automatically adjust the skid to the pipe’s inside diameter, and six 2" diameter wheels allow the skid to roll easily through the pipeline. The skid’s spring-loaded design conforms to pipe sizes ranging from 6 to 12" ID, and it easily negotiates turns such as 45° elbows in 6" pipe and 90° elbows in 8" pipe. Composite nylon construction is lightweight, non-corrosive and extremely durable.

    The Universal Roller Skid is compatible with most lateral cameras up to a 2" diameter camera head. The optional LED light kit and 3" wheel kit are recommended for 10" and 12" pipes.

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