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Part#: 26462
Weight: 1.0 lbs
Brand: Seametrics

Seametrics EX810 Insertion Mag Flowmeter, PVC

  • Outstanding reliability—no moving parts to wear out, jam or break
  • Great for use in clean or dirty water
Price: $730.00
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These insertion electromagnetic flowmeters offer outstanding performance and reliability. Use them in clean water, turbid water or water with suspended solids. Units operate using the principle of Faraday’s Law—as fluid moves through a rapidly reversing magnetic field, a voltage is generated in proportion to the flow rate.

Materials: PVC Sensor Body & Shaft, PVDF Electrode Cap, Hastelloy® Electrodes, cast powder-coated aluminum housing, EPDM O-Ring

To display flow rate and total flow, order a Seametrics FT430 or FT440 flow monitor/totalizer (sold separately). Pairing with a monitor/totalizer also provides the use of scaleable outputs (pulse and or analog 4-20 mA; varies by model).

Note: Installation fitting required (sold separately). Tee-style fittings (including PVC saddles) are factory flow tested, and printed with their accurate K-factor value.

Tech Specs
  • Pipe Size: 1 to 3"
  • Flow velocity range: 0.28 to 20 ft/sec
  • Conductivity: >20 uS/cm
  • Maximum pressure: 150 psi
  • Operating temperature: 32 to 130ºF