Part#: 22516
Weight: 1.8 lbs
Brand: _Unspecified

Hydrant Marker 5' Fiberglass (with spring)

  • Ultra strong and corrosion resistant
  • 3/8" diameter with reflective bands—easy to spot day and night
Price: $29.49
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Heavy-duty hydrant markers feature UV-resistant fiberglass construction for optimal bend strength and corrosion resistance. Features springs for 360º flexibility—a great feature in areas with a lot of children. These specially wound springs return markers to full upright position. Zinc and yellow dichromate spring coating protects against corrosion.

Standard markers feature red and white reflective shaft bands. Add a optional red mini flag with white reflective tape for added visibility (sold separately; stock # 43657). Mini flags feature UV-protected exteriorgrade PVC construction. Mount using the integral screw-tightened clamp.

Flat bracket mounting connections attach directly to hydrant flange bolts. They feature MIL-SPEC steel construction with poly coating.

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