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    Disposable Plastic Pipet‚ 10 mL‚ 25/pack
    Sterile, cotton-plugged and ready to use!
    Available individually wrapped or in bulk packs

    Item: 67868
    Weight: 0.3 lbs
    Catalog Price: $13.99 

    These highly accurate serological pipets are made from transparent medical-grade polystyrene. They are gamma-radiation sterilized, pyrogen-free and non-cytoxic. Designed from ASTM specification E934, these pipets are calibrated to "deliver/blow out". They also feature reverse and negative graduations for increased versatility and accuracy.

    Pipets and containers are color-coded for easy identification. Order pipets either individually wrapped in a fiber-free paper and plastic package (shown above), or in a bulk pack. Individually wrapped pipets are packed in color-coded, stackable dispenser boxes.

    Note: Bulk packed pipets are sterile, but not individually wrapped.

    Tech Specs
    • Type: Bulk Pack of 25 Pipettes in Color-Coded Dispenser Box
    • Capacity: 10 mL
    • Graduated increments: 0.1 mL
    • Tolerance: ±0.20 mL
    • Negative graduations: 3 mL

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