Part#: 75103
Weight: 21.0 lbs
Brand: FCS

SoundSens Leak Correlator 3 Pod System, w/ interface

  • Multiple-point correlation for highly accurate leak detection
  • Sensors use infrared communication to CPU—there’s no radio interference
  • Use on cast-iron, cement or PVC pipe
Price: $11,885.00
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SoundSens is a multi-point leak localization system that uses self-contained correlator pods placed throughout your water system. The sensors "listen" for sounds that leaks produce and individually store that information. No radio transmission to a CPU is required!

The pods log the leak sounds and transfer them to the interface unit via infrared communication. Using multiple points for correlation provides a highly accurate cross-correlation to pinpoint leaks over the full area of pod deployment. The dedicated software collects data from the interface unit through a USB connection to your laptop or PC. If there are any leak sounds determined, a visual display on your screen pinpoints the exact distance to each leak.

Use three or more correlator pods to find leaks in interconnected pipelines where laterals can confuse most two-point correlators. Each individual pod is waterproof and has a powerful magnet that ensures a good contact with the line or valve (on PVC pipe, it is recommended to use alternative means for contact).

Program pods for immediate or timed deployment. For instance, you can program pods to sample leak noise sounds at night when there is less activity in the pipeline. Each pod stores up 4.5 minutes of sound recording with a time/date stamp and pod ID number. You can program measurements into a series of up to 32 separate recordings.

Systems are available with three or eight pods. Each system has the capacity for eight pods, so you can add more pods at a later date. For large-scale surveys, you can deploy literally hundreds of pods. Multiple interfaces are then connected together to perform the analysis. The interface unit comes in a rugged carrying case and has a rechargeable battery (requires monthly charge). The pods have a self-contained lithium-ion battery, with a life expectancy of 5 years.

Includes: interface, pods, software, battery charger, and USB cables.

Tech Specs
  • Number of Pods: Three