Part#: 41421
Weight: 1.0 lbs
Brand: USABlueBook

USABlueBook® 2-L Settleometer Kit with Centrifuge Tubes

  • Measures sludge settling characteristics
  • Meets Standard Methods Requirements
  • Excellent for municipal use
Price: $120.50
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Avoid side-wall interferences of settling normally encountered with conventional one liter graduated cylinder (SVI) use. Yields information which closely approximates settling in secondary clarifiers and aerobic digesters.

Calibrated in percent (%) and settled sludge volume (SSV). Bright, white markings contrast vividly with dark sludges, allowing easy-to-read interface. Snap-on lid prevents spillage. Plastic construction reduces breakage during routine use. Meets requirements of Standard Methods. Includes wide mixing paddle, snap-on lid and complete instructions. This model also includes 10 tubes.