Page 854 SDS Specs Manual
    (OR) CHEMetrics Sulfide Kit Range: 0 to 10ppm, 30 tests
    Easy to use for accurate monitoring
    Meets Standard Method 4500-S2 D for measuring sulfide

    Item: 33845
    Weight: 0.6 lbs
    Catalog Price: $64.27 

    Chemetrics offers a quick and easy method to monitor the level of sulfide in ground water. Simply snap off the tip and the correct amount of sample fills the ampoule. Next, mix the sample and match to the color comparator to read ppm (mg/L) S. Includes reagents for 30 tests.

    Tech Specs
    • Range: 0 to 10 ppm
    • Increments/MDL: variable 0.1 to 2 ppm / 0.05 ppm
    • Sample size: 20 mL

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