Part#: 66190
Weight: 3.0 lbs
Brand: Flowline

Flowline EchoSwitch™ Ultrasonic Level Transmitters, 4'' - 9.8' Range

  • Replaces floats and pump controllers
  • Built-in pump alternator and delay timer equalize pump wear in duplex and triplex applications
  • Use for non-contact level detection and control in atmospheric day tanks, waste sumps and pump lift stations
Price: $795.00
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The EchoSwitch Ultrasonic Level Switch/Transmitter replaces your floats and controller! It provides non-contact level detection up to 26.2' (depending on model), and features a built-in controller with a 4-20 mA output. Use it for a variety of applications including atmospheric day tanks, waste sumps or pump lift station control.

The EchoSwitch has an incredibly small beam width of 2" or 3" for use in restricted spaces, and a small dead band that optimizes small tank fill capacity. The user-friendly interface features a built-in LCD screen, and digital push-button set-up that eliminates target calibration. It also has a built-in timer with pump/valve delay and timed pump alteration.

You can configure each of the EchoSwitch’s three relays on a single set point to control pumps, valves or alarms. In addition, all three relays can be simplexed, duplexed or triplexed. Use them for a single set point alarm, two latched set points for automatic fill or empty (including lead-lag alternation), or two set points for out-of-bounds alarms. Use the 4-20 mA output with a panel display to provide local/remote level indication, or to send level data to SCADA, PLC or other recording instrumentation.

Note: Order optional side mounting bracket separately.

Tech Specs
  • Sensor Range: 4" to 9.8'
  • Mounting: 1" NPT(M)
  • Accuracy: ±0.25"
  • Dead band: 4"
  • Beam width: 2"Dia