Part#: 42487
Weight: 6.0 lbs
Brand: Seymour

(OR) Reflective Spray Paint, Fire Hydrant Red

  • Identify fire hydrants from longer distances at night
  • Excellent outdoor durability
  • Quick-dry formula
Price: $16.85
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Seymour reflective spray paints help you identify fire hydrants, interior fire lines, utility boxes, sign poles and ramps from longer distances at night. The water-based polyurethane aerosol produces a bright reflection when hit with headlights and reflects directly back to the source of light. Excellent outdoor durability. When properly applied, it retains its color and reflectivity for 2 to 4 years.

For optimum results, please follow the directions on the can:

Step 1: Apply the aluminum base coat prior to using the colored reflective coat. The base coat is a quick-dry lacquer that dries in less than 5 minutes.

Step 2: Apply the reflective top coat, which dries in 15 to 40 minutes. For best coverage, apply 2 light coats over the base coat.

Step 3: Prior to storing, turn each aerosol can upside down and spray for 5 seconds to clear the spray head and valve. Wipe off spray head exit hole.

Each 12-oz can (net wt) covers 1 to 2 standard hydrants. Low VOC’s and low odor.

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Tech Specs
  • Type: Top Coat
  • Color: Fire Hydrant Red