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    Page 1245 Specs Manual
    HF Scientific MicroTOL 3 Auto-Cleaning Turbidimeter
    MicroTOL 3 & 4 have automatic ultrasonic self-cleaning measuring chamber
    Bubble rejection system eliminates air in the sample while simultaneously creating a vortex cleaning action throughout the measuring chamber
    Specifically designed to meet EPA Method 180.1 requirements

    Item: 41281
    Weight: 6.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $2,209.95 

    The MicroTOL turbidimeter represents the best new value on the market. Choose from the MicroTOL 2 Turbidimeter for reliable and economical turbidity monitoring, or the MicroTOL 3 and MicroTol 4 Turbidimeters with Auto-Clean. These turbidimeters are easy to use and service. A low-maintenance, fail-safe design ensures your instrument is always reading accurately. The one-piece NEMA 4X design allows for simple mounting and minimal use of space. The low-volume sample chamber (30-mL) reduces calibration costs and provides quick response times.

    A complete calibration can be performed in less than 5 minutes using the reusable primary standards. Use the primary calibration kit at least once every 3 months to meet EPA requirements. Simply place the cuvette into the measuring chamber and verify reading—just like a laboratory meter!

    Security code prevents unauthorized tampering of settings. Built-in diagnostics assist in troubleshooting. Two high/low alarms notify you of high turbidity levels or other alarm conditions.

    Use the optional data network interface acquisition system to monitor up to 255 turbidimeters on one computer! The software system stores data and prints reports, graphs and alarms on each individual turbidimeter. In addition, it can compare filters and monitor individual or multiple filter efficiency.

    All MicroTOL turbidimeters include 4-20 mA output, desiccant, spare measuring cuvette with light shield, power supply and manual.

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