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    Wastewater Lagoon Troubleshooting
    Solve lagoon operating problems
    Excellent training for lagoon operators
    How to get sludge reduction without dredging

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    This manual will give you practical, up-to-date and proven troubleshooting methods for keeping your waste treatment lagoon operation in compliance and running at maximum efficiency. Includes discussion of the 11 possible causes of high BOD, the 7 possible causes of TSS problems and suggested methods of correcting the problems.

    Chapters include discussions of Lagoon Microbiology, Diagnosing Problems, Troubleshooting BOD Problems, TSS Control, and Sludge Accumulation and Control. Additional chapters cover Nitrogen and Phosphorous Removal, Pond Hydraulics, Aeration, Pathogen Control, Maintenance, Industrial Lagoons and Cold Weather Operation. Many illustrations. 213 pgs, 2003.

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