Part#: 28990
Weight: 24.0 lbs
Brand: Global Water

Global Water Composite Portable Sampler, 2 Gallon

  • Composite samples based on your choice of time or flow
  • Automatic back flush prevents sample contamination
Price: $1,968.75
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The WS700 single-bottle and the WS750 two-bottle samplers meet requirements for a wide variety of applications such as stormwater‚ industrial discharge‚ waste collection systems and many more. With the sample size control‚ you can take full-bottle grab samples or individual time-weighted composite samples. It offers 15 composite sample sizes‚ ranging from 50 mL to 2 L‚ as well as the full bottle discrete setting.

Use the interval controller to set the time between composite samples. Program up to 15 time settings‚ ranging from 5 minutes to 12 hours‚ and let the sampler do the rest. Between sample collection‚ the external trigger mode performs an automatic 15-second back flush cycle‚ clearing any debris from the strainer‚ and protecting against sample contamination.

The WS750 dual-bottle model lets you set the sampling mode for each pump and bottle individually. This allows you the choice of taking full-bottle discrete (grab) samples or two individual time-weighted composite samples. If taking two composite samples‚ you can have different size settings for each pump. Both models feature a trigger input for each pump/bottle‚ making it possible to control sample collection from an external signal. Pulse outputs for each bottle are provided when tracking sample collection information through monitoring devices such external process controllers‚ water level sensors‚ or rain gauge sensors. Work with the device that best fits your application.

Includes: either two 1-gallon poly bottles (WS750)‚ or one 2.5-gallon bottle (WS700)‚ 15’ reinforced sampling hose with intake strainer and rechargeable battery with charger.

Note: For stormwater sampling‚ order the optional Stormwater Kit‚ which includes CA0400 Rain Sensor‚ CA0500 Flow Sensor and CH0000 Auto-Drain Rain Gauge.

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