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    Continuous By-Pass Relief Vlv Kunkle Model 20 x 1 1/2
    Overpressure relief and protection for pumps‚ tanks and lines

    Item: 29186
    Weight: 6.3 lbs
    Catalog Price: $380.95 

    Kunkle 20 bypass relief valves relieve excess pressure when pumps are run continuously to provide system pressure while water towers and hydropneumatic tanks are being serviced. Extra-heavy all-bronze body with stainless steel spring is rated up to 300 psi for water service. Ball bearing pivot between disc and spring corrects misalignment and compensates for side thrust.

    These valves can be inspected and serviced without removal from the line. Valves come with pressure set midpoint within the pressure range selected. To change the pressure setting‚ simply remove the top cap and turn the adjusting nut. Valves mount in a vertical‚ upward position and should be installed with Teflon® tape‚ not pipe dope. If you need to mount a Kunkle 20 on a hydrant‚ order a separate hydrant adapter fitting.

    The Kunkle 20 is rated for water service only. For air and water service on hydropneumatic tanks‚ see the Kunkle 912 Series.

    Direct spring action valves may discharge a small amount of water when the adjustable relief setting is close to system operating pressure. For no leakage‚ we recommend that the relief pressure setting be 10+ psi above normal system pressure. When ordering‚ please specify the adjustable set pressure range best suited to your application.

    Note: this item may be restricted from sale in certain states. Please check with your local governing body to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations

    Per the Federal Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act – this item cannot be used in potable (drinking) water applications

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