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    Brass Pressure Relief Valve 1-1/2 230 Max CFM
    Great replacement parts for vacuum trucks
    All-brass construction—proven reliability at an affordable price
    Adjustable for proper settings in many applications

    Item: 28295
    Weight: 2.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $38.69 

    Use these all-brass valves to relieve unnecessary stress on vacuum truck systems. They’re adjustable for proper settings in different applications. Choose from pressure or vacuum relief models.

    Pressure Relief Valves protect vacuum and pressure systems from excess pressure that can damage or destroy pumps. Vacuum Relief Valves regulate vacuum levels to avoid damage to pumps and components. Proper setting will ensure vacuum pump does not over heat due to lack of cooling air. You can set these valves for less than the maximum vacuum, which lets interior air circulation help cool your pump.

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