Specs Manual
    H.D. Bronze Float Vlve 1-1/2"F Watts Model 1500

    This item is no longer available. Please see item # 40901.

    Item: 19587
    Weight: 4.8 lbs

    Valve bodies have non-threaded outlet and NPT(F) inlet connection for direct mounting to the end of a threaded pipe. Rated for inlet pressures to 105 psi. Larger floats are available for up to 150 psi; contact USABlueBook for more details.

    For a complete valve: order (1) valve body‚ (1) float ball (your choice of copper or plastic) and (1) float rod.

    Note: this item may be restricted from sale in certain states. Please check with your local governing body to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations

    Per the Federal Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act – this item cannot be used in potable (drinking) water applications

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