Part#: 41111
Weight: 40.0 lbs
Brand: Reed

Complete Universal Feed Tapper

  • Drills through PVC‚ PE‚ cast iron‚ ductile and steel pipe while under pressure
  • Cutter features independent feed control to protect your pipe
  • Works with both power drills or manually with a 7/16" wrench
Price: $2,729.95
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Reed’s Feed Tap™ drilling machine drills through PVC‚ PE‚ cast iron‚ ductile iron and steel pipe while under pressure using a corporation stop inserted into a service saddle. This great waterworks tool has a compact design that’s easy to handle.

The cutter features a separate independent feed control that helps prevent pipe breakage due to forceful cutting. The feed control lets you advance the heavy-duty shell cutter into the pipe‚ and easily complete the tap using an electric or cordless drill‚ right angle drill‚ or even a 7/16" wrench with manual power.

Kit includes: Feed Tap base machine‚ ten 3/4" to 2" corporation adapters‚ four shell cutters‚ arbor assembly‚ 1/4" carbide tipped coupon retaining drill bit‚ three wrenches and tapping compound. All components are conveniently packaged in a durable plastic carrying case. You can also purchase additional individual shell cutters and corporation adapters. Contact USABluebook for details.

Tech Specs
  • Mfr #: FT2000UNIV