Part#: 40999
Weight: 13.0 lbs

Greyline Portaflow PT400 w/ B' Sensors for Large Pipe Size

  • Portable, non-contact flow measurement of clean liquids in full pipes
  • Easy calibration and setup
Price: $4,355.00
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Use Portaflow transit time meters to measure flow of clean liquids like water, glycol, oil and most chemicals. The meters’ ultrasonic sensors strap on the outside of the pipe and send a signal that penetrates all common metal and plastic pipe materials. Take readings without shutting down your flow—no obstructions or drops in pressure.

Calibrating your meter is easy with the user-friendly onscreen menu system. Just enter your pipe diameter, wall thickness and pipe material, and these meters indicate the optimum mounting method and separation distance for the sensors. Calibration parameters can be stored for up to 20 different sites for quick and easy recall. The meter is powered by an internal, rechargeable NiMH battery or can be operated continuously with AC power. Use it for spot checks or for extended operation as a 4-20mA flow transmitter.

Choose from PT400 or PT500 meters. PT400 meters are available to fit two different pipe size ranges. The PT500 fits a wide range of pipe sizes, and features RS-232 and USB data output ports for faster transfer of data to your PC.

Includes: carrying case, transducer set, mounting track, cables and accessories.

Tech Specs
  • Pipe size OD: 2 to 39.37"
  • Accuracy: ±2% of reading in most applications
  • Repeatability: ±0.5%
  • Fluid velocity range: 0.65 to 40 ft/sec (0.2 to 12 m/sec)
  • Pipe materials: any sonic conducting material including carbon steel, stainless steel, PVC, PVDF, fiberglass, galvanized steel, mild steel, glass, copper, brass and pipes with bonded liners including epoxy, rubber and Teflon
  • Display: Backlit 64 x 240 pixel LCD. Displays flow rates in m³, liters or gallons (per minute or hour), and flow velocity in feet per second or meters per second. Displays positive and negative flow and data log files in graphic or text modes
  • Calibration: Built-in 16-key programming with user-friendly calibration menu. Stores calibration parameters for up to 20 different sites
  • Totalizer: 12-digit, displays separate forward and reverse flow totals
  • Outputs: 0/4-20mA, 5V pulse (1 pulse/sec maximum) for both models, RS232 and USB for faster data transfer to a Windows PC on the PT500
  • Data logger: programmable, 98,000 data point capacity with time and date stamped values

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