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    Hach Total Hardness Drop Count Test Kit‚ Model 5-EP‚ 1-30 gpg‚ 145400
    Simple drop-count titration featuring Hach UniVer® 3 reagent

    Item: 77426
    Weight: 2.6 lbs
    Catalog Price: $32.45 

    Calcium and magnesium ions are the primary causes of water hardness. Use this kit to monitor water hardness levels and minimize scale buildup. It uses drop-count titration with EDTA to provide results as CaCO3 in grains per gallon.

    Includes: reagents for approximately 100 tests, sample test tube, mixing bottle, reagent spoon and instructions. Stock #s 77425, 77426 and 77427 also include polypropylene carrying case.

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