Part#: 77962
Weight: 181.0 lbs
Brand: EBARA

Ebara 3U, 10HP/230/460V/3PH Straight Centrifugal Pump

  • Back pull-out design
  • Heads to 250 feet
  • Capacity to 750 gpm
Price: $3,879.95
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Ebara has made a new addition to their 3U series with the larger 3U-65 series. With the same rugged and reliable all SS liquid end, these pumps offer flows up to 750 gpm and heads to 250 feet. All models are close coupled to motors for space savings.

These units are well suited for boosting water supply or as a primary feed pump for water service. They can also be used for liquid transfer or circulation. With the higher capacity and head of these pumps, they can also be used for reverse osmosis or sprinkler pumps. Whatever your need, Ebara pumps are there for the duration.