EDI 12" ArmorCoated™ Disc Diffusers (PTFE Coated)

    This item is no longer available. Please see item # 56992.

    Choose from 9" or 12" discs
    Outstanding resistance to calcium carbonate, oils, fats and greases

    Item: 13473
    Weight: 2.0 lbs

    EDI ArmorCoated diffusers stand up to harsh environments. Their premium EPDM, low-oil membranes make up the diffusers’ structural base, and their unique ArmorCoated finish offers increased capabilities in severe service applications. The coating helps prevent membranes from hardening, creeping, oxidizing, shrinking or having other physical changes or performance issues. Choose from PTFE- or polyurethane-coated diffusers.

    Use PTFE-coated diffusers to prevent calcium carbonate fouling in hard-water applications, or to prevent waterside attack from unusual solids or aggressive wastewater materials.

    Polyurethane-coated diffusers are suitable in the same applications as PTFE-coated diffusers, and will generate offer a longer service life.

    Replacement membranes are available. Use them for routine maintenance, or to upgrade existing 9 or 12" diffusers from most manufacturers.

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