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    Tideflex® Mixing Nozzle TFA-3.0 (0 to 24 CFM)
    Aeration plus excellent mixing
    Eliminates header pipe fouling

    Item: 14608
    Weight: 3.1 lbs
    Catalog Price: $164.29 

    Red Valve coarse bubble air diffusers are used primarily for their excellent mixing characteristics. The unique shape of the TF-A air diffuser allows it to be mounted in any orientation to ensure optimum dispersion and mixing of the tank. The mixing action of the Tideflex is so powerful that a single manifold header is often sufficient to mix the entire contents of the tank. The TF-A eliminates stratification and settling, while providing oxygen transfer comparable to other coarse bubble designs.

    The principle of operation of the Tideflex is simple: positive differential air pressure opens the Tideflex diffuser valve, allowing airflow. When the airflow is interrupted or shut down, reverse pressure on the outside of the diffuser seals the bill, preventing backflow. This design is an excellent choice for tanks containing very high levels of solids.

    Tideflex diffusers are constructed of Neoprene with stainless steel clamps and have 3/4" NPT(M) SS connections.

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