I-Beam Polymer System 8 gph polymer, 590 gph water
    High-energy motorized polymer mixing for an economical price
    Quick start-up
    Open-frame design makes maintenance simple

    Item: 15138
    Weight: 125.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $9,265.00 

    Polymers and flocculants are essential for optimizing your facility’s performance. The I-Beam Polymer Injection System maximizes polymer effectiveness by making sure it is fully active before system injection. Fully-active polymer is able to capture more solid particles‚ which is essential to performance. This lets you use less polymer and reduces costs associated with removing solids from water or wastewater.

    The system includes a high-energy mixing pump with washdown pump motor and low-shear static mixer to activate your polymer. A flowmeter controls the dilution water‚ which is introduced to polymer immediately before the mixing pump. The polymer is discharged from the mixing pump and sent to a static mixer to complete polymer activation before injecting into your system. A high-viscosity LMI pump is used for polymer injection.

    The rugged I-Beam system is built for quick installation and start-up. All you need to do is plumb in and out. Initial start-up includes manual pump setup and setting the flowmeter. The open design of the system is easy to maintain. Just loosen one union nut to access the polymer injection check valve. System stands up to a variety of chemicals and operates on 110-VAC power.

    Note: Advanced system controls and alternate voltages are available. Contact USABlueBook for more details.

    Shipping: Ships motor freight.

    Tech Specs
    • Dilution Water Flow (GPH): 158.4 to 1476
    • Polymer Output Max (GPD): 192
    • Max Pump PSI: 60
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