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    Kupferle Eclipse™ 9700 Automatic Flushing Hydrant‚ 2"
    Portable—move from hydrant to hydrant

    Item: 63223
    Weight: 25.0 lbs

    For over 150 years, the Kupferle Foundry Company has been making quality products for the waterworks industry. Their Eclipse line of automatic flushing hydrants is an industry standard. Automatic flushing cycles use up to 50% less water than manual flushing, and significantly reduce your labor time. These devices help improve and maintain chlorine residual levels, and flush disinfectant byproducts so your water stays fresh and safe.

    Eclipse hydrants are simple to program. They allow up to 9 flushing cycles per day at up to four hours of flush time per cycle (for a total maximum of 24 hours). They operate on one 9 volt battery that lasts up to one year or 500 flushes.

    We offer several different types of flushing hydrants for cold or warm climates, in both permanent and temporary installation styles. Choose a 2" version for flow rates up to 150 gpm, or a 1" version for flow rates to 40 gpm. These devices are also available in no-lead versions if your state requires it. Contact USABlueBook for a quote.

    These portable flushing devices move easily from hydrant to hydrant. They come standard with a lockable aluminum enclosure. The perforated floor diffuses flushed water, or remove the floor and redirect flushing water through a hose. Devices thread into a standard 2-1/2" NST inlet for most fire hydrants, but if you have custom threads on your hydrant adapters are available. Contact USABlueBook for more information.

    The 9700 series has several optional accessories. The multi-directional diverter diffuses and sprays the discharge, while the meter stand protects your hydrant’s threads. Dechlorination baskets, security collar locks and sampling bibbs are also available.

    Includes: lockable aluminum enclosure with key, 2-1/2" NST swivel connection, solenoid valve and self-contained digital controller.

    Tech Specs
    • Mfr #: 9700
    • GPM: 150
    • Size: 2"

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