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    Blue Screw Valve Box Cleaner, 5'8" x 6.5" Blade Dia, 63314 81
    The best valve box cleaner—bar none!
    Remove large amounts of dirt quickly and efficiently—no vacuum truck needed
    5-year warranty

    Item: 47523
    Weight: 8.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $217.89 

    The Blue Screw is the best manual valve box cleaner on the market—make it your go-to tool! This durable‚ lightweight powder-coated steel cleaner easily removes large amounts of dirt in just minutes. Simply press the auger-style head down into your valve box and give it a clockwise turn. The tool does all the work! Most models feature two blade-mounted neodymium magnets that make it easy to remove metal debris such as valve box cover pieces.

    Blue Screw valve box cleaners are available in a variety of styles. Choose from the standard Blue Screw‚ Blue Screw for specialty curb boxes‚ or Big Blue Screw. The Big Blue Screw features a 3/4" handle and shaft for heavy-duty applications where valves boxes are buried deeper than normal. For exceptionally deep valve boxes‚ an optional 5’ extension is also available (stock # 47541). Extension attaches to the handle using the included snap pin‚ which withstands up to 1‚450 lbs of force without shear.

    Tech Specs
    • OL x Outer Blade: 5’8" x 6.5" Dia
    • Shaft/Handle: 5/8" Dia
    • Magnets: Yes
    • Weight: 8 lbs

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