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    3" Z-Plate Meter Strainer‚ Low Lead‚ PMSB03
    Meter collision insurance; cuts cost in meter maintenance and repair
    Protects turbines from damage caused by line debris
    Straightens water flow when turbine inlets are mounted near an elbow

    Item: 17886
    Weight: 25.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $684.95 

    A pebble the size of a raisin can destroy a turbine meter that costs hundreds of dollars. To protect your meters‚ we strongly recommend installing a strainer in front of all meters located in lines that may contain damaging particles. Strainers also feature straightening vanes that help eliminate water turbulence and maximize meter performance.

    Installation is easy—simply attach meter strainers directly to the meter flange. The flanged strainer is made of three main components: the main case (bronze)‚ top plate (bronze) and z-plate strainer (high-strength stainless steel). Maximum working pressure is 150 psi.

    We also offer Y and basket strainers that reduce effects of water turbulence when located at least 6 to 8 pipe diameters from the meter inlet.

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