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Part#: 31289
Weight: 223.0 lbs

E+H Liquistation Sampler w/ Memosens Input & 24 1-L Bottles, CSF34-AA10OAAMBP1

  • Features both a refrigerator and defroster for all weather conditions
  • Plain text menu guides you smoothly through setup
  • Optional Memosens sensor inputs add powerful centralized analyzer capabilities to the sampler
Price: $6,893.32
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Rugged stationary Endress+Hauser outdoor samplers are designed for fully automated sampling and distribution of fluid samples. Modular hardware and flexible software let you customize your sampler for a broad range of applications. These two-door sampling stations offer two chambers. The top chamber contains both a dependable peristaltic pump and powerful controller. The sampler’s bottom chamber collects the sample in your choice of bottle configuration.

Sampling takes place in three steps: purge/rinse, intake, and rinse. You can repeat these steps up to three times before the sample is collected, giving you the most representative sample possible while reducing cross-contamination. A patented process automatically detects the suction height so you don’t have to enter it. The self-learning software guarantees that the sample volume remains constant.

Intuitive operation and plain-text menu makes setup easy. Configure sampling programs using your choice of five different sampling modes. The software allows interval sampling, switchover and event functions. Run up to 24 sample programs at a time. You can sample based on continuous time, and have another input (like a flow meter or rain gauge) interrupt the time-based sampling and start an event-based sampling program. Once the event ends, it returns to the original sampling program. All samplers accept up to two external analog and two external binary control inputs.

The backlit graphic display provides excellent visibility in both dimly lit and bright areas. User-definable measuring menus let you see the values most important to you. In case of an alarm event, the display turns red and a programmable audible alarm sounds. The tough ASA/polycarbonate housing has no outside screws, which prevents vandalism.

Controller features integral data logger. Use the internal log books to store, recall or download all event inputs and sampling data statistics. Customize how your data is stored, and extract via an SD card for review later.

Samplers with Memosens inputs offer powerful central control for all of your water quality parameters. Liquistation samplers with Memosens inputs accept up to two external Memosens digital sensors to monitor and record your other water quality parameters. These sensors can be individual parameter measurements from around the facility, or triggers for immediate sampling in case of a sudden out-of-range reading. Browse our Process Analyzers section for Endress+Hauser Memosens sensors.

Includes: bottle(s), 33 ft of 3/8" ID PVC tubing, strainer, manual and CD-ROM with instructions in multiple languages.

Note: Many options are available, including various outputs, communication interfaces (Ethernet, Modbus, HART, webserver), and a vacuum pump unit. Contact USABlueBook for details.

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Tech Specs
  • Temperature limits: -20 to 120°F (-30 to 50°C)
  • Temperature performance: 39°F (4°C) maintained +/- 3.6°F in ambient range 5 to 104°F
  • Maximum lift: 26 ft (at sea level)
  • Sample volume: 10 to 10,000 mL
  • Accuracy: ±5 mL or 5% of set volume